5 Pieces of Clothes with Cats on Them...Meow!

When people ask you “Are you into cats or dogs?” and you say “I’m into cats”, you know that deep down in that person's tiny little mind that they don’t know what they’ve really just asked. You cannot just be ‘into’ cats. Just being into cats means you like the neighbours cat next door.

When you are a cat lover, only other cat people know EXACTLY what it means to ‘BE into cats’. One of those ways is to wear cat merchandise loud and proud! Show them what it REALLY means to be into cats! 

Sportage Surf Womens Tee - I Am #Pawsome

Now this is a shirt that really expresses what it is to be a cat lover. With PAWSOME sunnies on, this kitty aint messing around! Only true cat people would use a hashtag appropriately when it comes to cat related stuff! Also available in black and pink.

Check it out here - https://www.meowexpress.com.au/collections/womens-clothing/products/sportage-surf-womens-t-shirt-i-am-pawsome

I am pawsome white

Sportage Surf Womens Tee - Cat Lady Definition

This shirt exemplifies especially to those people who think they are ‘into’ cats that they truly don’t understand the real definition of what it is to be a ‘Cat Lady’. Show those ‘cat people’ that you are a true cat lady and you only need to wear this definition shirt to inform others of a true cat lady. Also available in black, charcoal, navy, pink, hot pink, emerald green, purple and royal blue.

Check it out here - https://www.meowexpress.com.au/collections/womens-clothing/products/sportage-surf-womens-tee-cat-lady-definition

 Cat Lady Definition Purple Women's tee

Sportage Mens Tee - Business Cat

Lets admit it, there are a lot of guys out there who are cat people and are not ashamed to admit it! Don’t ever be ashamed! You are all awesome! The bond between cat and man are inseparable! Imagine once they get a girlfriend! (the cat will probably get super jealous, but if any girlfriend can’t deal with the cat, then sorry girlfriend it’s time to go!). The Business cat shirt tells people you are in business and you mean business! No time for mucking around! Also available in white, charcoal, navy and royal blue.

Check it out here - https://www.meowexpress.com.au/collections/mens-clothing/products/sportage-mens-tee-business-cat

Mens Business Cat Design

Sportage Surf Womens Tee - Pixel Cat

Cats have always taken its role throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians to more modern times in video games. Whoelse could flaunt a cat suit better than Super Mario himself? Pixel Cat is a homage to all those cat people who are also gamers. There's no better way to play Warcraft, Halo or Animal Crossing with a sweet little kitty on your lap (or in pixel form on your shirt). Also available in grey marle, sky blue, pink, white, red, emerald green, purple, yellow and royal blue.

Check it out here - https://www.meowexpress.com.au/collections/womens-clothing/products/sportage-surf-womens-t-shirt-pixel-cat

Pink Pixel Cat Womens Tee

Sportage Mens Tee - Space Kitty

Monkeys, fruit flies, mice and dogs have all been to space did you know? So why not cats too?? The only reason cats haven't been to space is because we all know they will dominate the mission. Unless we could communicate in ‘cat’ (which cat people definitely know how to do, but pretty sure NASA would have a difficult time doing this), would cats be astronauts. Space kitty is also available in charcoal, navy, grey marle, aqua blue and royal blue.

Check it out here - https://www.meowexpress.com.au/collections/mens-clothing/products/sportage-mens-tee-space-cat

Space Kitty Men's Shirt