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5 Pawsome Video Games with Cats in Them

We all know that cats have multiple personalities. Some are timid, some are feisty and others are cute little animals that come and visit your home and bring you a piece of fruit or even wear capes! Well those last few ones are cats you would encounter in a video game.. So let's check out 10 games with cats in them!

1) Animal Crossing (Nintendo)

The Animal Crossing series has long been a favourite for Nintendo fans around the world. Not only allowing you to build and customise your own town, but befriend the cute and cuddly little animals on your island. One animal of choice is a cat! personally my favourite is Tangy, the citrus inspired cat who loves anything oranges. many fans around the world have loved cats in the game so much they have kicked out all other villages and made it an exclusively a cat related island. I don't blame them! 


2) Stray (PS4, PS5 and Steam)

Stray is a video game that is yet to be released, but due to be in July! From the descriptions, Stray is an adventure based game where you role play as a cat who is separated from their family. Part of the cats journey is trying to find its way home and along the way is met with friends and foes which causes challenges. The visuals look amazing and damn who doesn't want to be in the persona of a cat, sneaking through towns stealthily and meowing endlessly at random things and objects? Check out Strays website for more details! 

https://stray.game/ or the trailer here, 

3) Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (iPhone App)

If you haven't played Neko Atsume, you need to now! This adorable game is very simple.. place fun objects such as cat toys, beds and boxes in your yard and wait for cats to come and visit! The whole game is about making your visitor cats happy and watching them playfully interact with the objects you've placed around for them. Once a kitty visits, you can take photos of them and place them into your cat collection book. Collect images of them all! 


4) The Sims 4: Cats and Dog (Windows, Mac, Steam, Xbox and Playstation)

This expansion pack for the Sims 4 is a great addition to the series. The expansion allows you to create a cute cat for your household to enjoy. You can customise your cat with different shapes, colours, coats, designs, types, sounds, personalities and so much more! And don't forget you can also dress them up! Who wants a cats dressed up as a hot dog or slice of bread? We do!


5) Cat Quest (Steam, App Store, Google Play)

Cat Quest is a highly popular, award winning game where you take the role of a cat in this fast paced RPG adventure and combat. The really cool and colourful game allows you to join this cat on a quest going through puzzles and challenges along the way. If you like dwelling into dungeons and a whole lot of side quests, this is a game for you.


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